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PETRA IP is an Australian business that processes waste to produce a combustible briquette/pellet. PETRA IP has developed a globally unique and patented (pending) process called the Dynamic Petra Process (DPP), used to create thermal products in briquette, pellet or loose feedstock form, called the Petra.

Petra is easiest thought of as a coal substitute, however, our Petra is superior to coal in many ways. Petra burns more consistently, more intensely and with reproducible thermal qualities, low moisture levels and negligible emissions.

Each Petra is designed to have a predictable calorific value, resulting in Combustion Efficiency (CE%) of 98%. Above this, we tailor Petra uniquely and specifically to each need.

The production of Petra produces zero emissions.

Using our DPP we can create a Petra specifically for your requirements and end-use needs. This ensures that you get the maximum yield from your infrastructure - your investment.

For example, where an end user currently uses coal (eg cement kilns, smelters, coal-fired power plants), we can produce a more consistent thermal capability with lesser emissions and better combustion efficiency than coal – maximising the yield from that kiln, smelter etc.

Petra can also be used to fuel Waste to Energy (WtE) plants and coal fired power stations producing stable, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity.

Our process is under patent application in the US with further patent work underway.

We have trademarked Coking Petra, Thermal Petra and Brown Petra as part of our product sets and unlike other forms of processed waste, we can export our Petra.

Petra has been independently assay-tested many times with sample assay reports available on request.


Our Petra is a thermal feedstock that can be used either on its own or in combination with coal in any system that uses a kiln. This includes cement, electricity, steel, WtE plants and Thermo-Chemical energy plants (e.g. pyrolysis & gasification) - just to name a few.

Unlike other systems using unprocessed waste, Petra is a tailored feedstock with consistent thermal capabilities, low moisture and high Combustion Efficiency - unique and specific to each requirement.

Petra should not be mistaken for SRF (Solid Recovery Fuel) bales and is very different. At minimum, 6.25 times more waste is required to produce the same amount of energy as Petra.

Additionally, in other systems feedstock such as coal needs to be crushed and washed before being used to produce thermal power. This can present significant environmental challenges.

Petra is environmentally friendly.



One of the most difficult issues facing the world is the mounting waste problem, which affects public health, pollutes the environment and threatens to leave future generations with long-lasting and harmful environmental legacies. Our proven technology is a viable alternative to landfill, diverting difficult to manage Residual Waste from landfill, and turning it into a feedstock for the production of renewable energy and green fuels.

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The environment matters to us. It is the reason Petra exists today. Reducing the stress on the environment by minimising the amount of waste that ends up in landfill is globally critical.  More than 70% of Australian waste ends up in landfill. Our mission is to help dramatically reduce that number, not just here in Australia, but globally. The production of Petra does just that.



Petra is committed to reducing landfill. Dedicated to fulfilling our mission, with the support of both small and large, local and international waste collection operators, we control and direct waste that was otherwise destined for landfill to our Petra plants for sustainable processing. Ultimately we will process all types of waste including municipal (wet), commercial (dry) and tyres. Petra's DPP process means that much less than 10% goes to landfill.


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